Working With Me

This post is aimed at the authors I edit, whether indie or traditionally published. Yes, I know some of you working with me through the houses look me up and find my site. Before my site everyone ended up at my LinkedIn account, which is what clued me in on authors searching to see who I am. This post will let you know what to expect when working with me for those of you nervous about working with an editor or one you’ve never worked with before. If you want to know more about me, visit my Twitter or About Me page.

First off, I value and appreciate every author I work with. I’m here to help you make your book the best it can be and help you realize your dream of seeing it published. I’ve noticed new authors are often scared or worried about working with an editor, but I’m not scary, I promise. I’m too short for that and tiny things are cute, like kittens, puppies, and baby goats. You wouldn’t be afraid of a kitten and it’s cute little fuzzy head, would you? Don’t be afraid of me either even if my head is less fuzzier than a kitten’s.

As for the actual editing, don’t be afraid to e-mail to ask for updates on my progress. Sometimes authors want someone to bounce ideas off of to fix issues and I’m here for that too. If you’ve had edits back for a while and I haven’t heard a peep from you or had them returned, I might check in to make sure you are doing okay and to see if you are stuck on anything. Sometimes emergencies pop up, so if you need extra time just let me know.

Generally you will go through two rounds of edits with me. I’m a copy editor and proofreader, but I do light developmental edits as needed. If I’m only proofreading you, you’ll go through one round with me. After the first round I return the manuscript to the author and once the author’s changes are made and the manuscript returned, I focus on proofreading for round two and any last needed copyediting tweaks. I do all my editing via Microsoft Word using Track Changes and comments. If it’s your first time using Track Changes, you might want to get acquainted with them before beginning edits to make it easier for yourself.

Basically, picture yourself as the adventurer on some fantasy quest and me as the crazy magical guide popping in along the way to help you, but not as cryptically as some of them do. I mean, can you imagine that? I can promise I probably won’t take all my comments and turn them into anagrams for you to figure out. That’d be a nightmare for both of us.


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