Working With Me

Curious to know what hiring me as an editor entails? This post will let you know what to expect when working with me depending on which service you’re interested in. If you want to know more about me, visit my Twitter or About Me page. If you are looking for info about my agenting side of the business, I blog about it a lot and you can see what I represent here.

I strongly recommend not hiring an editor until you’ve worked with critique partners first, especially if you are a first-time author. As an editor I can only help guide you and unless you’ve developed strong enough writing and revision skills paying for an editor won’t help your book enough since the revisions fall to you. Since editing can be pricey I don’t want to see authors pay for it until they can make the best use of it. My overall style is more focused on getting right to business on how to take a manuscript to the next level, so if you need someone who gives a lot of praise to help motivate you I’m probably not the editor for you.

I value and appreciate every author I work with. I’m here to help you make your book the best it can be and help you realize your dream of seeing it published.  I’m also an agent and so I have a lot of experience on the traditional side of the industry and I like being able to use that experience to help indie authors. Hiring me means you are getting an experienced editor who has worked on the traditional and indie sides of the industry.

I do all my editing via Microsoft Word using Track Changes and comments. If it’s your first time using Track Changes, you might want to get acquainted with them before beginning edits to make it easier for yourself. I will not make any direct changes to the manuscript without author permission, which means formatting is up to you to do. I recommend Times New Roman for your font and double spacing.

For manuscript critiques I’ll give you a letter that could be anywhere from 2 double spaced pages long to 12 or more depending on how much editing work is needed. Once I return the critique you’ll be able to ask questions or for any clarification needed, but this service doesn’t include Track Change comments like a full edit, which is why this service costs less. This is a great option for those looking for something more budget friendly compared to a full edit. For those who need more guidance directly within the manuscript you may want to consider a full manuscript edit to also receive Track Change comments.

I don’t recommend traditional authors hire an editor before querying. Instead I recommend critique partners to help get you ready for agents. However if you haven’t been having any luck I do offer first chapter critiques and query letter critiques. I’ve read dozens upon dozens of first chapters and often see the same issues over and over again. As an agent and editor I can gather more from a first chapter than your average reader. This service won’t give you any feedback on your overall plot, but it can help pinpoint writing issues and where I as an agent might stop reading and point out ways to entice readers to keep going.

While the goal of editing is to make a book the best it can be, authors can use it as a learning experience for future books. For instance if you struggle with weak stakes or passive voice, after edits you’ll have notes on how to fix and improve on those areas to refer to for your next book. If you view editing as a learning experience, you’ll be able to play upon your experience to improve your writing overall. With that view in mind, paying for editing is an investment in not only your current book, but future books as well.


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