The Curse of “Good” Books

Have you ever seen an agent or editor say something about how they liked a book and it was “good” but not great? Or that it was good, but they weren’t going to make an offer?  I know back before I started working in the publishing industry I didn’t quite understand why they didn’t want to make an offer on books that were considered good or even what saying a book was only good meant. I’m going to try to explain that mystery by talking about the curse of “good” books. Continue reading “The Curse of “Good” Books”


Make Your Story Twist Shine

I love a good story twist. Gone Girl anyone? But I don’t like a story twist that falls flat. Recently I’ve noticed some problematic story twists in indie books and books yet to be published. It got me thinking about what makes a good story twist and what exactly made the twists fall flat for me. I noticed a few common themes among the twists that I wanted to share. So here’s the three biggest issues that I noticed, or the big three P‘s in plot twists. Continue reading “Make Your Story Twist Shine”

A Story Opener to Avoid

Recently on Twitter I posted a link to a blog series by literary agent Kristin Nelson talking about nine book openings to avoid. You can find that series here and I suggest giving it a read, especially if you struggle to find the right spot to start your book. I found myself agreeing with a lot of what Kristin said in the series as an editor and reader. Continue reading “A Story Opener to Avoid”