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New Interview Series

I’ve decided to get more use of my blog by not only continuing my current posts about writing and editing, but to start interviewing some authors. I’m going to interview authors I’ve edited and ones I haven’t. I plan to ask questions about their books, writing, experiences, and fun questions to get to know them better.

I’m calling this series “Meet an Author” and I hope to expand into starting a “Meet an Editor” series as well. Maybe even some agent interns or assistants too, who knows! I have a few traditional authors in mind, but I want to include indie authors as well. Same for editors. So if you have a published author friend who likes to do interviews, send them my way! Especially if it’s someone who’s gotten good at marketing and can hand out a few tips or has some other good writing, editing, or publishing advice to share. Or even someone brave enough to share their own writing worries, hiccups, or woes. Got an editor friend who handles a lot of clients and is up to a quick interview? Send them my way too! I’m hoping to get a diverse range of people to interview.

I plan to use these interviews as a chance for some quick marketing for the authors and editors, but also as a chance for them to dish out their knowledge and advice and for readers to learn more about them. The questions will vary, but I hope to get some information to help writers and those considering writing or working in the industry.

Have some questions you’d like answered by an author or editor? Let me know in the comments. I’m hoping to have at least a few of the editors and authors I interview ready to answer some questions in the comments by readers.

I will have the first interview up soon (hopefully) and will be working on lining others up.


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