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Meet an Author: K. Kazul Wolf

Meet K. Kazul Wolf, fantasy author, past Pitch Wars mentee, and current Pitch Wars mentor. Her graphic novel SACRIFICES OF SHADOW is out now!

K. Wolf

Let’s talk about your fantasy graphic novel SACRIFICES OF SHADOW. What made you decide to make it a graphic novel instead of just a novel?

It actually wasn’t something that I sought out myself, originally! I submitted Sacrifices of Shadow as a short story for an anthology that Villipede Publications was putting together. It didn’t quite fit the theme of the anthology, but the editor loved it so much he wanted to try and make something out of it, so it ended up as a graphic novel. I’ve always loved visual arts, so it was an amazing experience. Continue reading “Meet an Author: K. Kazul Wolf”

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Researching for Historical Fiction

One of the hardest parts about writing historical fiction is the research. Getting your research down pat ensures your world is historically accurate and helps paint the world for your reader. Reading primary sources can help you get in your character’s mind as well if you are writing about a historical figure or witnesses to a historical event. Right now I’m working on a historical about a sixteenth century Hungarian countess. I put off writing the book longer than I planned to because I dreaded the research on it. Turns out, the research wasn’t as bad as I expected and I’m even looking forward to writing more historical fiction. To think people said I’d never use my history degree. Ha! I sure showed them. Now to write another dozen historicals to make the degree worth it… Continue reading “Researching for Historical Fiction”


My Reading Tastes: A Confession

I can’t be the only person to finish a book only to realize I have a thing for a specific type of story line. I think that’s easiest to notice in romance where you get a lot of billionaire romances, single fathers, or specific kinks. I edit a lot of romance but generally only read it if it’s combined with another genre, possibly because I edit so much of it that I want to read something different than what I’m editing. However, I noticed something about a certain story line I dig in the fantasy genre and only in the fantasy genre. Continue reading “My Reading Tastes: A Confession”

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Meet An Author: Kester Grant

Next up is Kester (Kit) Grant! Some of you may recognize her as a mentee in Pitch Wars 2016.  This year she will be a mentor in Pitch Wars alongside Tomi Adeyemi. Kit’s young adult fantasy A COURT OF MIRACLES will be published in the fall of 2018. Book two of her series is coming fall of 2019 and the third in 2020. Continue reading “Meet An Author: Kester Grant”