The Never-Ending Reading List

I feel like this is something every reader experiences at some point. You get busy with life and other hobbies and before you know it your planned reading list is growing out of control and books are piling up. The best thing about switching to ebooks was that it made it easier to contain all those piles. I read a lot, but I still experience an uncontrollable reading list way too often because I’m addicted to looking for new books. I finally had to stop and realize I will probably always feel behind on my reading no matter how many books I get through I always feel hopelessly behind. I’m working on enjoying the journey and not rushing to the finish line.


Sometimes my list of of books stresses me out because I want to read them all like right now. One reason I like to read a lot of ebooks through my library instead of print books is because with ebooks I only check out 1-2 books at a time, but with print books I check out 3 or more and try to cram them all into three weeks. Then I get stressed because I’m afraid someone else will put a book on hold that I don’t finish in time and so I rush to finish reading all the books. I’m working at limiting myself so I don’t get stressed out. I always feel a bit like Belle from Beauty and the Beast when I walk into the library, which means I always walk out with way too many books.


I’m very lucky in that my city library is well stocked and gets a lot of new books in, so I never run of books to read. And a big thank you to the library because I read too many books in a year to buy them all. However since I’m in a city, it can take weeks to get popular books I put on hold. That means if I’m not paying attention to my holds list several books might come in within a short time span. It almost feels like an unwritten rule of the library that if you put more than one book on hold, you’ll get them all at almost the same time.


I have other hobbies too, like kayaking, writing, knitting, board games, traveling, and other various things, so I try not to let reading take over all my free time, which it inevitably does for 2-3 weeks after a library trip. This year I’m working on balancing my reading with other hobbies and not letting my reading list stress me out. So what if it piles up? Those books aren’t going anywhere and winter will always be back, and I do a lot of reading during those months when I can’t do much outside. Plus having a variety of books on my reading list means more to pick from when I’m in a reading mood. See what I did there? I’m pretending to be an optimistic. Now I just need to get myself to believe all those things.

How do you handle your growing reading list?


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