Gluten Free in the Outer Banks

I’m taking a break from talking about books to talk about another topic dear to my heart: food! Specifically gluten free food due to me being celiac. Recently I took a vacation to the Outer Banks and found a list of gluten free restaurants on places like Tripadvisor, but couldn’t find any personal reviews outside of a quick “The food was good.” I was unsure of where it would be safe for me to eat as a celiac. I was pleasantly surprised by how many places had gluten free options and I’m going to discuss every place I personally ate at. The list is as follows: Donutz on a Stick, Barefoot Bernie’s, The Outer Bean, and Coastal Cravings. None of these places gave me contamination. I wish I would have thought to grab pictures, but I was on vacation and too busy enjoying myself.

Donutz on a Stick:

Gluten Free Tuxedo Donuts from their Facebook.

Everyone kept going to Duck Donuts who unfortunately do not offer gluten free donuts. The alternative? Donutz on a Stick in Duck. The only caveat is you have to order your gluten free donuts ahead of time, you can’t just walk in and get some. I suggest ordering the day before by phone or in store to make sure you get to try the gluten free donuts. Ours were available at 9:15 the next morning. I had a tuxedo donut, German chocolate, and one with strawberry glaze with sprinkles and they were all delicious. The donuts were on the smaller size like gluten free ones tend to be at bakeries. Continue reading “Gluten Free in the Outer Banks”