Board Games and Books

As much as I love books and reading, I also love board and card games. I can spend hours playing games like Ticket to Ride or Code Names. I recently came across an amazing game that combines my love of games and books and if you are a book lover who enjoys a good game, I strongly recommend Ex Libris.


In Ex Libris you are a library gnome competing to create the best library to become the new librarian. The game is 1-4 players. I’ve yet to try the solo mode, so I can’t say anything about the quality of it. The objective of the game is to create your library shelves. In order to do so you will have a few book types to focus on. You’ll want to avoid banned books, gain extra points for having a lot of prominent works, and you’ll also have your own specialty category to focus on. These categories are chosen randomly from the cards, so the cards change each time for these areas. In total there are 6 types of books. You have to shelve your books in alphabetical and numerical order. Continue reading “Board Games and Books”


The Greatness of Libraries

Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows I love my library. I moved from a small town with a small library to a city with a huge local library and I love it. I’m a huge reader but can’t afford to buy the large amount of books I read a year. My library keeps me on budget and lets me indulge without worrying about money. If I want to do some research for my writing, I visit the library to find out what I need. And the best part about libraries these days? You can “visit” without physically going to your library. I will have more in-depth posts coming later this year about how to get the most out of the library as a writer and published author, but for now here is a peek at how awesome libraries are.

My library has thousands of ebooks, which means I can hop on OverDrive and download some books or place holds or make returns without stepping foot in the physical library. Some books my library only has physical copies of, but I can check the catalog and place holds on my laptop or Kindle instead of having to go to the library. When my hold comes in they email me and I go pick it up. However, ebooks take the pain out of having to go back to the library to return. I like to walk to my library, so I’m less likely to check out material during winter when I don’t want to walk so far. In that case I stick to the dozens of ebooks on my wishlist. Continue reading “The Greatness of Libraries”

Meet an Author: Anna Brittain

Meet author and past Pitch Wars 2016 mentee Anna Brittain.

Anna Brittain

You were a Pitch Wars 2016 mentee. Your manuscript FEMSLASH was a Contemporary LGBT own voices story. Do you plan to write more own voices novels?

Great question!! I think the thing about own voices for the people that are writing it is, it’s not just an identifier for our work – it’s a reflection of the world we particularly live in. I write to process things, so I can’t imagine not writing characters who share the same intersections I have.

In your Pitch Wars novel, by day, Iliana and Rhodes tear each other down to the studs as they compete for the same scholarship. By night, they unknowingly piece each other together again through their performing art school’s anonymous fanfic community. Do you have much fanfic experience and what made you decide to include the fanfic bit in the story?

Oh my gosh, yes. My first experience with fandom was Sailor Moon when I was 12-13. It was totally self-insertion Mary Sue shenanigans, but learning to draw anime and learning to write to contribute to fandom made Sailor Moon this completely immersive creative experience in my life during a particularly difficult period in my family’s history. Continue reading “Meet an Author: Anna Brittain”

Patience in Publishing

If you are an author searching for an agent or publisher or even looking to self-publish, you might see advice telling you to be patient. If for some reason you haven’t read that piece of advice yet, let me tell you it now: You need to be patient. If you can’t be patient, you need to find ways to cope with all the waiting you will be doing and believe me, there will be a lot of it. Continue reading “Patience in Publishing”

Internships and the Publishing Industry

I’ve had a few people when finding out I’m an editor ask how they can become an editor too. Whether you want to be an editor or agent, an internship is a good way to get your foot in the door. It’s how I got my start in editing via an internship with Digital Manga, Inc. Internships have been on my mind again now that I’ve spent the last month applying to ones with literary agencies. I’ve decided to try my hand at that route and landing an internship isn’t much easier with 3+ years of editing experience under my belt than it was when I was in college. Continue reading “Internships and the Publishing Industry”