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Below you’ll find genres I have experience with, my rates, and testimonials. To see examples of books I’ve edited, visit my Books I’ve Edited page. To see which publishing houses I’ve worked with visit the About Me page. To see more about my editing process visit my blog post Working With Me.

Why work with me? Because helping authors prepare their books for publication is my passion. I’m also an experienced editor who has worked with several publishing houses, including Big 5 imprints, and four literary agencies. I’ve edited dozens of books not to mention all the submissions I see with my current literary agency. I bring my experience from the traditional side of the industry to the indie side, but I’m also more than happy to work with authors preparing to query as well.


I’ve worked with many genres from romance to speculative fiction. I have a degree in history and a love for historical fiction. I enjoy all kinds of speculative fiction, and when I say all kinds of speculative, I mean it. I enjoy fantasy, sci-fi, steampunk, horror, alternative history, paranormal, etc. I also have a lot of experience with romance. I’ve edited many subgenres of romance including contemporary, LGBTQ, erotica, and suspense. I’ve also worked with women’s fiction. I have experience proofreading manga for those looking for someone to edit a graphic novel. I usually go by The Chicago Manual of Style unless a different style guide is requested.

I don’t accept westerns, cozy mysteries, or literary fiction.


Service Description
Query Letter This is a an edit for authors preparing to query agents. One editing pass.
Proofreading This is a final polish for manuscripts that have already been content and copy/line edited.
First Chapter Critique I will use Track Changes and give you an editorial letter. I will look at everything from setting to dialogue tags. I’ll cover developmental editing, copyediting, and proofreading. If you later decide to come back and hire me for a critique, edit, or proofread, I won’t charge you again for the first chapter.
Full Manuscript Critique Letter You will receive a detailed feedback letter from me. Does not include notes in Track Changes. Letter length depends on the work a project needs, but expect several pages.
Full Manuscript Content Edit This includes a letter and in-manuscript notes in Track Changes. You will go through two rounds of in-depth content edits with me covering every from pacing to character development and plot holes.
Copyediting I AM CURRENTLY CLOSED TO NEW COPYEDITING PROJECTS. The copyediting I perform can also be considered line editing. I will use Track Changes in Word. I’ll include a short editorial letter to give you an overview of needed changes and my thoughts. Some proofreading included.



Services Rate Per Word
Query Letter $20.00 flat rate per letter
Proofreading $0.005
First Chapter Critique $0.007
Full Manuscript Critique Letter  $0.006
Full Manuscript Content Edit  $0.008
Copyediting  $0.009

Contact Me

I can do a free sample edit of up to five double-spaced pages. This is available only to those interested in my editing services. To contact me, visit my Contact Me page and fill out the form. I generally ask for a time slot of a month for edits due to also editing for houses and working with my literary agency. I usually have multiple edits going and I want to make sure I give each manuscript the time it deserves without rushing.


I accept payment via PayPal. I prefer half of the payment up front when the project is sent to me and the other half after edits are returned. This helps protect me from those who want to get edits then dash without paying, but it helps assure that I will do your edits and not grab and dash.

If I raise my rates, returning customers get grandfathered into the rates they started working with me under. If you refer me to a friend or acquaintance who decides to hire me, you get 10% off your next edit on top of any other deals I may be running at that time.


I highly recommend Kate Uplinger. Kate is a brilliant editor, she really knows her stuff. I was fortunate enough to work with her on my erotic romance: Whispering Your Name. Kate has the unique ability to make your work shine without overriding an author’s voice. I hope to work with her again in the future. – Kierney Scott

Kate Uplinger’s editing skills helped me bring my manuscript, Mercy Killers, to a new level. Her line edits were clear and her feedback was on point. She saw my vision and formed her edits around my story like a pro. I couldn’t be happier with her work and I’ll be returning for more. I highly recommend Kate to anyone who’s looking for line edit or developmental services. She is well worth the investment. – Jessica Kelley

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One thought on “Editing Services

  1. Katelyn Uplinger was not only highly skilled in the copy editing and proofreading, but she also provided important developmental suggestions to my book: Are you Brown Name in Black List. She fixed all comments and track changes to help clean the document for clarity and grammatical correctness keeping my author voice intact. She also alerted me on the use of quotations to trim the body of the book and made substantial formatting changes. She shaped my book in much better way than it was and I am happy that she was its editor. As I decided to extend my cooperation with Katelyn in my next book, I strongly recommend her for she is honest and smart professional editor. — A. Zaag


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