Literary Agent

I’m an agent with D4EO agency and I’m currently building my client list. Below is a list of what I’m looking for, but my Goodreads page is also a great way to get a feel for what I like to read. Check my Twitter for updates on when I’m open and closed as well as where I am in my query box. Query me here

I’m looking for young adult and adult fiction and nonfiction. My nonfiction list is short, basically anything to do with historical topics or interesting cultural topics. In fiction, I’m especially looking for SFF and historical works. I enjoy anything with speculative elements. When it comes to historical I love all kinds, but I’m not the best person for mystery or sleuth stories. I prefer my women’s fiction to be historical and I accept historical romance. While I’m interested in most time periods, I tend to shy away from WWI and WWII stories. I also love when romance is a big player in fantasy, think An Enchantment of Ravens and Uprooted. I also love combining historical and fantasy together. I love mythology, but I’m not the best choice for retellings unless they are more along the lines of loosely inspired by.

A big note, I’m totally open to tragic romances like The Violinist of Venice or The Most Beautiful Woman in Florence. I LOVE real tragic historical romances. I also love historical romance with speculative elements, but straight historical romance is also good.

I enjoy horror, especially when it has psychological elements. When it comes to thriller and suspense, I like creepy stories, like Baby Teeth. In adventure I love survival stories. When it comes to science fiction I love stories revolving around new planets, colonization, or even preparing for colonization. Think Semiosis and The Loneliest Girl in the Universe.

Overall I’m looking to be transported to another time or place I don’t want to leave, hence my love of fantasy and historical. I also love stories that make me think “what if?” While I enjoy humor in my books, I also enjoy dark stories and especially dark fantasy. I love an enchanting voice that grips me, like in Wintersong. I also love exploring stories from the villain’s perspective or even morally gray characters who can either make me root for them, or make me eager to see their downfall.