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Why I Quit Reading a Book

Once upon a time I insisted on finishing every book I started. Mostly because as a kid ebooks weren’t a thing yet and I didn’t want to waste the money spent on books. I also only got a handful of new books a year so I wanted to savor them all. These days I’m more likely to put down a book I’m not enjoying before finishing it. When I can’t get into a book I’d been eager to read, it leaves me with the predicament of when to quit reading. I do a lot of my reading via the library now, and when I buy books I try to read the first chapter before I do.

It took quitting a few books before the guilt of not finishing finally left me alone. Sometimes I want to know how the story ends, but I’m not enjoying the journey. In that case once it feels like a slog for more than one chapter I just look up the book to see how it ends. More recently while reading Hunted I decided to quit as soon as I began to feel bored. The truth is I have so many books on my reading list that I don’t want to waste my time on something I’m not feeling when there are so many other books calling my name. These days my to-be-read list grows faster than I can read. I give every book at least three chapters to catch my attention. A few get put down just from scanning the first chapter, while I make it farther in others before quitting. Continue reading “Why I Quit Reading a Book”


Why I Love Fantasy and Historical Fiction

I read in many genres, but the two genres I read the most in are fantasy and historical fiction in adult and young adult. At first those may seem like an odd combination, after all one focuses on what could be and the other what was, but for those very reasons they go together so well. I love contemporary now and again, especially contemporary that deals with tough issues like breakups, mental illness, and other struggles, but when reading for myself I like to escape into fiction that is different than reality. Both fantasy and historical fiction fill that gap for me. At times I often wish historical fiction got as much attention as fantasy. Continue reading “Why I Love Fantasy and Historical Fiction”

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I finally got around to reading Caraval by Stephani Garber and I can see why it became a bestseller. I loved the book. I had some misgivings when I first started reading, but I got hooked and didn’t want to put the book down. I loved how I couldn’t predict the book with the twists and turns thrown at me. It made for an exciting read and a breath of fresh air since I love an unpredictable book but read so few. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this book and in fact hope to get one of my friends to read it.CaravalNormally I don’t pay attention when books are heralded as the next whatever one of the latest bestsellers have been, in Caraval’s case The Night Circus, but this is definitely a book that would appeal to Night Circus fans although the writing styles are vastly different. Still, they are both about a magical world hidden away in the normal world with a sprinkling of love thrown in. I found Caraval enchanting and if it were real, you’d better belief I’d be trying to get myself a ticket every year. I’d probably try to be a performer. And while there is a romance thread, I appreciated how in the end the focus was on the love between the sisters winning at the end of the day.

Why did I have misgivings at first? Well the father in this book was abusive and I’ve noticed a tendency toward terrible parents in books lately as an excuse in fantasy for characters to leave to go exploring, which was also true in Caraval’s case. However once the sisters left their island, I couldn’t put the book down. I wanted to know more about Caraval and just exactly who the mysterious sailor known as Julian was. And once the game of Caraval started, there was no way I could walk away from the book.

I find books boring when I can predict the ending, and even if I enjoy the reading an ending I predicted can at times disappoint me. On the flip side I hate when authors go with unbelievable twists in an attempt to be unpredictable. I definitely didn’t predict the way the game ended in Caraval. As soon as I thought I understood the infamous Legend and his Caraval, another twist made me feel like I knew nothing. But that didn’t frustrate me, it just made me eager to know the which truth was right. After all, you can’t trust anyone in Caraval. The twists and turns fit in with the Caraval game well and made for some mind blowing endings.

The first thing I did when I finished reading was hop online to see if there would be a sequel–and there is one! The sequel is coming May 2018 and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I’m curious to have a story from Tella’s perspective since Caraval was from Scarlett’s. I want to know more about her and if the way her sister views her as being rash is true. But more than any other character I want the chance to meet Legend and learn more about the enigmatic man.

So if you haven’t read Caraval yet, you definitely should grab a copy and dive in. But be warned by the end you might want a ticket to next year’s game.







I don’t normally do reviews on my blog, but I do review most books I read on my Amazon account. However, I recently finished reading WINTERSONG by S. Jae-Jones and let me tell you, I loved this book so much I need to talk about it. There is going to be a sequel in 2018 called SHADOWSONG and I can’t wait to read it. The story is beautiful and haunting and I know I won’t forget it anytime soon.


So some information on WINTERSONG before I talk about what set this book apart for me. WINTERSONG is set in 19th century Germany where Lisel’s sister gets spirited away by the Goblin King. Her grandmother had always warned her to follow the old laws, for every year on the longest night of winter the Goblin King will emerge into the waking world in search of his eternal bride. Lisel must save her sister, but when she does she is faced with an impossible choice: go home with her sister and let the world fall into eternal winter, or sacrifice herself as the Goblin King’s bride to save the world. Continue reading “Wintersong”

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Meet an Author: K. Kazul Wolf

Meet K. Kazul Wolf, fantasy author, past Pitch Wars mentee, and current Pitch Wars mentor. Her graphic novel SACRIFICES OF SHADOW is out now!

K. Wolf

Let’s talk about your fantasy graphic novel SACRIFICES OF SHADOW. What made you decide to make it a graphic novel instead of just a novel?

It actually wasn’t something that I sought out myself, originally! I submitted Sacrifices of Shadow as a short story for an anthology that Villipede Publications was putting together. It didn’t quite fit the theme of the anthology, but the editor loved it so much he wanted to try and make something out of it, so it ended up as a graphic novel. I’ve always loved visual arts, so it was an amazing experience. Continue reading “Meet an Author: K. Kazul Wolf”


My Reading Tastes: A Confession

I can’t be the only person to finish a book only to realize I have a thing for a specific type of story line. I think that’s easiest to notice in romance where you get a lot of billionaire romances, single fathers, or specific kinks. I edit a lot of romance but generally only read it if it’s combined with another genre, possibly because I edit so much of it that I want to read something different than what I’m editing. However, I noticed something about a certain story line I dig in the fantasy genre and only in the fantasy genre. Continue reading “My Reading Tastes: A Confession”

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Meet An Author: Kester Grant

Next up is Kester (Kit) Grant! Some of you may recognize her as a mentee in Pitch Wars 2016.  This year she will be a mentor in Pitch Wars alongside Tomi Adeyemi. Kit’s young adult fantasy A COURT OF MIRACLES will be published in the fall of 2018. Book two of her series is coming fall of 2019 and the third in 2020. Continue reading “Meet An Author: Kester Grant”