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Meet an Author: Amanda Rawson Hill

Meet Amanda Rawson Hill, author and Pitch Wars mentor. She is represented by Elizabeth Harding of Curtis Brown, Ltd. Her book THE THREE RULES OF EVERYDAY MAGIC is coming in fall 2018 from Boyds Mills Press. The book follows 11-year-old Kate, who is starting to believe in what her grandmother calls “everyday magic”—she just hopes it can bring back her estranged feather or her erstwhile best friend.

Amanda Hill

When I saw the description for THE THREE RULES OF EVERYDAY MAGIC, my first thought was that 11-year-old me likely would have identified with the book and ate it up (and adult me probably will too). Was any of the book inspired by your own childhood?

Yes! Though more on a scene level than a premise level. In the book, Kate’s grandmother has early dementia. My grandpa died of Alzheimer’s when I was 15. There’s a conversation Kate has with her grandma where Grammy says, “I’m losing it, aren’t I?” and they talk about what’s happening. That was directly inspired by my grandpa sitting down with my mom and I remember him saying, “I’m not going to be myself for much longer.” Several other scenes with Grammy are inspired by my grandpa and a story Kate’s mom tells her about a piano recital is straight from my junior year of high school. Continue reading “Meet an Author: Amanda Rawson Hill”