Wish List Update

I found myself wanting to post a lot of #mswl wants on Twitter lately and decided to do a big compilation post about what kind of manuscripts I’m currently looking for. Don’t forget I also keep my Goodreads page up to date for those who want to see what I’ve been reading lately to get a feel for my tastes. Keep in mind while this includes some of what I know I want, I love finding surprises in my inbox. Often times I’ll say I really want horror and the next book I sign ends up being romance or some other genre. I want to find things that surprise me. Stories I never could have imagined before reading them.

The below goes for both adult and young adult works. If you want to query me do so here.


I’m seeing a lot of stories about royalty, rebellions, evil leaders, and fighting for the throne lately and the market is crowded with those types of stories right now. I’m craving something different. Something fresh with intimate personal stakes. I want to find stories that surprise me and that I didn’t even know I wanted. I would love some fantasy set in Eastern Europe or Asia or other places with riveting history and myths that haven’t often been covered. I love fantasy about folklore but I like seeing new twists on it. In contemporary fantasy I would love something that isn’t your typical urban fantasy. I’m always craving historical fantasy and recently loved Enchantée. Humorous fantasy is always great as well.


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