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Meet an Author: Vanessa Carnevale

Meet Vanessa Carnevale, Pitch wars mentor, women’s fiction author, and freelance article writer. Her debut novel, THE FLORENTINE BRIDGE sold in a two-book deal to Harlequin Australia and is available now! You can read more about that here or purchase the book here. She is co-host of the Podcast, Your Creative Life, and blogs for for The Huffington Post. Last September, she hosted her first sold-out writing retreat in Tuscany called Your Beautiful Writing Life.

Vanessa Carnevale

In THE FLORENTINE BRIDGE Mia finds she can’t bring herself to paint anymore after battling cancer Has anything in your life ever made you feel like you couldn’t write or partake in some other hobby?

I haven’t personally experienced anything like this, but as a creative person I know that it can feel harder to write when life is out of balance. I imagined that for Mia, going through what she did, would have had some challenges in terms of getting her life back on track. It felt entirely probable that her art and her relationship with her art would be affected after having gone through such a life-changing illness like cancer. Continue reading “Meet an Author: Vanessa Carnevale”